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I can not count the amount of sleepless nights I had wishing I knew what it would take to finally get ahead. How to mange being a mum of a toddler, a wife of a man that was always working and manage a multi million dollar company

It was the tax debt that crippled me into panic attacks. It was the 3am nights finalizing tenders while my daughter slept on the floor beside me. It was the aggressive truck drivers who would call at 6am or 10pm abusing the staff because of their fine deductions. It was the god damn mortgages and machine repayments. It was the brand new car I did not appreciate. It was the feeling like I was mean all the time. 

It was working so hard and not ever getting where I wanted to be. 

That there is why I made the decision to move out of personal coaching into business mentoring and consulting. Because I wish I had had someone like me. I wish I had found someone I could confide in who had supported me practically with the 'how to advice' and who could show me how to manage anxiety and perfectionism. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been providing coaching and consulting services to people from Australia, Bali, America and across New Zealand. Be it in my personal life or in my professional life. I've sold real estate in Auckland, made McDonalds burgers, delivered "The Herald" paper, owned a construction business, labor hire business, network marketing business, coaching business. I've worked in retail managing Hellerstein's, Dick Smith Powerhouse, a liquor store and I've worked in hospitality as a waitress. I've worked in outbound sales, telecommunications supervising, administration and accounts. 

I have experience in multiple industries and the benefit for you is that I have a great handle on all aspects of business. The banking, the staffing, the product, the insurance, the rent, the emotions, the visions and values, the machinery...

From mindset blocks, panic attacks, co-parenting dynamics to strategic planning, pricing and structure to creative solutions and team dynamics; my focus is always on building an effective and rewarding return of investment (time, money) for the people running the business.

I’ll work with you to find your blind spots and align your vision and values with revenue. I work with start ups and those who are ready to take themselves to the next level or those who want to iron out the 'problems' they are facing. 

Get in touch to learn more about my methods and consulting approach. You can either pick one of my packages or I may offer to create a bespoke package specific for you and your business. 

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