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Align Vision + Values with Profit

From creating direction and strategy to dealing with emotions in the workplace, I’m here to help. Using my expertise and deep understanding of holistic business, you’ll receive personalized guidance and coaching to experience lasting results. Get in touch to book a meeting. If you are considering working with me, initial 30 minute clarity calls are complimentary.


Bespoke Packages Available

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Every business has its problems that feel unique and unsolvable. Often this work involves problems that you have kept to yourself, that keep you awake at night and keep the business in a repeating cycle of 'get it, lose it'. This is how we know that there is a fear or a belief is affecting the business and to solve this we apply practical solutions mixed with energetics.

Having me observe and analyze your blind spots and consult with you to create solutions allows you to control your timeline, choose from the options available to you and take action with my support. Lets face it, if you already had the accountability and support, you would have already solved this problem.


Growth means doing something you have never done before, or something you have done and then forgotten how to do.

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique however the answers can always be found using the same methods

and that's where I come in. What worked before, what works for other people, what is preventing the action needed and what are our choices. I am able to extract from you the path you need to take that will best work for you and your business goals.

Whether you want to take an idea and turn it into a launch or whether you have been in business 10 years and are wanting to break the next income level, I can support you through the process.

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You know those days where you do 12 hours and feel like nothing was achieved ? And on the opposite end, the days you do 3 hours and feel like you conquered your to do list! You see, we can not manage time, we can only manage focus. 

What does procrastination look like in your business and how can we be more effective and efficient? How can we work smarter not harder and most importantly how can we show our team how to do the same, taking into account their unique personalities. 

Focus management is a mixture of human behavior and practical tools. I can coach your team and cover all teething problems that arise whilst implementing new focus policies. Focus lost is costing you time. Time is non renewable. Contact me to discuss what a coaching package for you and your team looks like. 


So you've got a kick arse idea and already you feel overwhelmed with where to begin. The product/service is exciting but how you manage a business isn't so exciting. This is why you hire me to consult with and offer advice along the way. This allows us to prevent problems before they happen, set you up on solid ground and dig deeper into your goals, vision, values, branding, business model, procedures and policies. 

There are so many things to think about when you start a business and as the director of your business it is your responsibility to have a basic understanding of each aspect of your business so that in time you know how to hire and delegate out the tasks you do not love.

Packages come in 3 or 6 month plans.

Get in touch today for a complimentary discovery session to discuss your business.

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I can not count the amount of sleepless nights I had wishing I knew what it would take to finally get ahead. How to mange being a mum of a toddler, a wife of a man that was always working and manage a multi million dollar company

From mindset blocks, panic attacks, co-parenting dynamics to strategic planning, pricing and structure to creative solutions and team dynamics; my focus is always on building an effective and rewarding return of investment (time, money) for the people running the business.

I’ll work with you to find your blind spots and align your vision and values with revenue. I work with start ups and those who are ready to take themselves to the next level or those who want to iron out the 'problems' they are facing. 

Get in touch to learn more about my methods and consulting approach. You can either pick one of my packages or I may offer to create a bespoke package specific for you and your business. 

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Tauriko, Tauranga


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